Push:Block is a misshapen puzzle game about pushing blocks. Instead of being represented visually (which would have been sensible), everything is represented via text (which is not sensible). Push:Block features 30 levels of block-pushing action, original music, deep lore about a cult obsessed with cudgelling watermelons, and an allegorical narrative about friendship and community.

I'm not sure if Push:Block is the kind of thing that can be enjoyed. But I hope that it is, and I hope you enjoy it.


The whole endeavor is just the right level of absurd that it works quite well - Indie Games +

Development log


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Is 4.5 possible? It seems like the intended solution is to push a block into a pit, which the engine won't let you do because of the adjacency rule.

It is not possible. This puzzle used to be unreasonably difficult, so I tried to simplify it and accidentally made it impossible.

Thanks for catching this. A Patch is Imminent.