Day 2 DLC update

Changenotes (Version 0.8.2)

This update adds quite a few things:

  • One new uncommon location, added to the rotation at 60 minutes - a grimoire of dark magic, the use of which delays your next blessing
  • Three new rare locations: the ticking bomb (which you need to dispose of within 3 turns) and the walk-in wardrobe (which replaces the Jargo pants location)
  • New inventory items: enchanted clogs that slow you down but give you cookies when you outrun monsters, and a cloak that slightly reduces damage taken from monster attacks
  • You can now throw cookies down the well
  • Some lightweight optimisation (more to come)
  • Also I stopped using uncompressed .wav's for everything and the game is much smaller now. Turns out  .mp3 is the WAVE OF THE FUTURE

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