The Crabcosa Update

The Crabcosa Update (Version 0.8.3)

This is a substantial content update. Key features include:

  • A mysterious portal that will take you to a new mini-dungeon with unique gameplay mechanics and some interesting loot. The portal can be accessed once per play-through by selecting the Blessing of Crabbiness (available if you take the crabnote.) It also appears, rarely, in the subdungeon.
  • Surviving for 30+ minutes now enables a submenu in the left-hand bar - use it to keep track of (some) inventory items and any blessings you have received
  • Added the King Rat. You can meet him, on occasion, after successfully fleeing from a smaller rat.
  • You now possess a soul at the beginning of each run. It can be lost or exchanged in a variety of ways. 
  • New monster: the Mawbeast. It drains both health and satiety. Some other monsters appear less frequently to compensate.
  • Added some new artwork to existing locations 
  • A little light optimisation and balancing.

Original soundtrack...

... is now  included free alongside The Birthday Dungeon.  It features reworked versions of 18 of The Birthday Dungeon's best songs. 

Note that this not the final version of the soundtrack; it may expand as new content is added to the dungeon.

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